Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did somebody call the fire department?

Because I just go hosed!

Up until the birth of our son, and for several days after wards, I had only changed a total of ZERO diapers. I hate admitting this but I was the baby in my family and when we would visit our family in VA who had little ones, my sisters would always volunteer to change the diaper as if it were as yummy as a butterfinger blizzard treat. (If it were, I would have been all over it!!) But I was smarter than that! When I got older, I only baby sat once. The girl was 9 and wise beyond her years. It was the easiest money I ever made and looking back feel guilty for charging her parents money. If anyone else wanted me to watch their kids, I told them I would only after they were potty trained. (I KNOW I KNOW- I AM TERRIBLE!)

I am paying for it now. Wayne Baker is making me pay for it. I have been officially peed on 3 times! I have gotten wise about the situation by placing a wipe over the firing range while I clean the back door and it's vacinity.

This whole experience brings me one step closer to REALLY being the mother of a baby boy.

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  1. You have nobody to blame but yourself. That is what you get for being to smart for your own britches. You're the exception to that blonde thing.