Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

I am happy to be back in business! I missed my camera and excited I have a subject I can photograph over and over again. (Who can't ask for copywrites!)

More to come!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's talk about sex.

Just kidding. This is actually about my observation with people and their kids. I am trying REALLY hard to talk about stuff OTHER than my son. My blog has been a bunch of posts about Wayne, yes, but I don't talk about my son all day long.

I hate when people ask you how much he weighs, how much he weighed at birth, how old he is... WHO CARES? Do you think you will ACTUALLY remember some random person at Wal-Mart and all the baby's weights and measurements from people you have meet over the years of asking such a pointless question? Unless you are Raymond Babbitt from Rain Man, don't ask. I am thinking people do it to touch babies or get close enough and they ask this insignificant stuff just to seem like they care. Plus, babies grow anywhere from 0-5 ounces per day. It's an awkward question for a mother who has to think about it and guess. I don't weigh my child everyday, do you? SO- Let's try this. Just walk up and say, "Oh I love babies can I just take a look at yours." Peak and say thank you and be on your way. EASY said EASY done.

My sister Theresa is the WORST. She will call on her short rides just to talk about her daughter MacKenzie, my cute little neice, just to tell me ALL about her eating habits, how much she hates stuff (I am gathering this child will grow up to hate eating brussel sprouts too because her mom hates it). Before she can ask me how I am doing, she hangs up because she is at the location of her daughter. It's as if thinking about her daughter isn't enough. She has to call and tell the world that she uploaded pictures and calls JUST to see if you happened to be on looking at her daughter all day too. God love her! She's in love with her child and I hope she remembers she has a fiance' somewhere in that crazy life of hers.

Now I do admit, I call my mother to let her know she's got pictures of her grandson up. I only use to do that because she would call and harass me to get pictures and videos up all the time if I didn't. I would only call grandma and grandpa to let them know anyways. I'd just send a text if i wasn't so cheap. But not working has it's prices. And I would gladly give up luxuries such as texting to spend a year or so at home with my son.

He's too cute.

He weighs almost 12 lbs.

He's about 22.5 inches

He eats a lot.

He pee's even more.

His poops, far in between, smell if I have eaten spicy food.

Yea, you get the point. Forget all of that because it doesn't matter! He's alive and healthy and that's what matters.

This dog was sleep running.

I use to sleep walk. A LOT! I feel his pain!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Navy Dad misses the FIRST SMILE....

But with modern technology and a smart child, not only could I capture Wayne's first Smiles but the ONE THING that can make him smile over and over again is the 8x10 of his fathers face.

We love Matthew so much!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Handsome goes TERRIBLY wrong!

This is what happened to Matthew's co-workers after he decided to grow a mustache. I can see why their wives were all giving them the cold shoulder due to Matthew and his mustache-maiham. I agree they ALL look silly but I would NEVER deny my husband the opportunity to grow a stache. He's enjoying it so why ruin something that is fun for him? I can put up with is just so he has pictures to look back on and laugh at himself.

That's life. A series of bad haircuts and awkward mustaches!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Save a Banker Foundation

That's exactly how I feel Jimmy!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New mission to Iraq

Jon Stewart today said that the government keeps rewording the missions in Iraq to the point where they will start calling troops out there to become trees so that they never have to leave.

How true is this? Will we ever be out of there? NO!! There will always be a presence. For those who do not have family in the military it's hard for you to comprehend. But there always has been a presence and there always will. The fact that President Obama has to say "we should have troops out by 2012" is a bunch of bologna. Sure, they will not be going over there as frequently but they will be going. We, the families, do not get our hopes up. Our spouses, parents, siblings, best friends will always be gone for 1/2 of our lives while enlisted. And we deal with it. We are strong!

Now, if the rest of the country can be strong too and stop demanding things that will never happen the way they think it will.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My fat baby likes to eat.....

This has nothing to do with Wayne eating. Here are some cute videos I have taken the past few weeks.

Strong necked baby boy hanging out with his Pops...

Chit-chatting with Mom as she catches me farting...

Entertaining himself in the vibrating heart-beat chair and sneaking glances at mommy...


Matthew decided to grow out his beard/mustache starting the day Wayne was born. Once he had to go back to work he shaved everything except the mustache. He wanted to keep it out of spite because my sister Beth and myself both said it looked silly. I told him he would get made fun of. Guess what? HE DID! His chief told some of the other guys that they had to grow mustaches in order to show my wonderful husband how ridiculous he looked. The term 'Pity-Stache' is what was coined with this movement. Now it's so out of control, the entire command looks HORRIBLE and none of them are getting any action from their wives. They will not shave their's until Matthew shaves his.

Yesterday we went to a command bowling event during their lunch hour. And this is what happens....

My poor son now has a 'STACHE!