Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's talk about sex.

Just kidding. This is actually about my observation with people and their kids. I am trying REALLY hard to talk about stuff OTHER than my son. My blog has been a bunch of posts about Wayne, yes, but I don't talk about my son all day long.

I hate when people ask you how much he weighs, how much he weighed at birth, how old he is... WHO CARES? Do you think you will ACTUALLY remember some random person at Wal-Mart and all the baby's weights and measurements from people you have meet over the years of asking such a pointless question? Unless you are Raymond Babbitt from Rain Man, don't ask. I am thinking people do it to touch babies or get close enough and they ask this insignificant stuff just to seem like they care. Plus, babies grow anywhere from 0-5 ounces per day. It's an awkward question for a mother who has to think about it and guess. I don't weigh my child everyday, do you? SO- Let's try this. Just walk up and say, "Oh I love babies can I just take a look at yours." Peak and say thank you and be on your way. EASY said EASY done.

My sister Theresa is the WORST. She will call on her short rides just to talk about her daughter MacKenzie, my cute little neice, just to tell me ALL about her eating habits, how much she hates stuff (I am gathering this child will grow up to hate eating brussel sprouts too because her mom hates it). Before she can ask me how I am doing, she hangs up because she is at the location of her daughter. It's as if thinking about her daughter isn't enough. She has to call and tell the world that she uploaded pictures and calls JUST to see if you happened to be on looking at her daughter all day too. God love her! She's in love with her child and I hope she remembers she has a fiance' somewhere in that crazy life of hers.

Now I do admit, I call my mother to let her know she's got pictures of her grandson up. I only use to do that because she would call and harass me to get pictures and videos up all the time if I didn't. I would only call grandma and grandpa to let them know anyways. I'd just send a text if i wasn't so cheap. But not working has it's prices. And I would gladly give up luxuries such as texting to spend a year or so at home with my son.

He's too cute.

He weighs almost 12 lbs.

He's about 22.5 inches

He eats a lot.

He pee's even more.

His poops, far in between, smell if I have eaten spicy food.

Yea, you get the point. Forget all of that because it doesn't matter! He's alive and healthy and that's what matters.


  1. ha! i guess i'm guilty as charged...although i don't ever ask strangers how much their child weighs! I will usually ask how old they are and comment on their cute-ness! Is that so bad??

  2. Not so bad. Age (only) is different. That says "I care, for comparison to my own or as a reminder of how small they were at that age, but not really. People ask me more questions I guess because Wayne is not a big baby. They start asking me if he was a preemie. And he's really not that little! He's in like the 25th percentile for weight.

  3. I think you "need a little sex" to calm those nerves, my darling daughter!! There will ALWAYS be someone asking those silly questions, be it family or stranger!! Life goes on!! And yes, I will hound you for pictures and videos forever and a day!! That's the price you pay for moving away from me!!

  4. Your Mother is right. So have some sex and keep the pics and videos coming. That's an order from your loving Father.