Thursday, March 5, 2009


Matthew decided to grow out his beard/mustache starting the day Wayne was born. Once he had to go back to work he shaved everything except the mustache. He wanted to keep it out of spite because my sister Beth and myself both said it looked silly. I told him he would get made fun of. Guess what? HE DID! His chief told some of the other guys that they had to grow mustaches in order to show my wonderful husband how ridiculous he looked. The term 'Pity-Stache' is what was coined with this movement. Now it's so out of control, the entire command looks HORRIBLE and none of them are getting any action from their wives. They will not shave their's until Matthew shaves his.

Yesterday we went to a command bowling event during their lunch hour. And this is what happens....

My poor son now has a 'STACHE!

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  1. Wayne sure is the spitting image of his father