Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's your life's paradigm?

I am working harder to be fully operational on the left list. Everyone should! It's amazing the energy we put out and how much it effects those around us.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Respect- find out what it means to me

This makes me a little sad. I see so many parents get so angry with their kids and take their anger to a level that is unacceptable. I know I have a short fuse every now and again. But beating a child is unacceptable. They might need a brisk pop on the butt or hand occasionally but never an 'ass beating'. I am proud to say that since making the choice to have Wayne choose his own actions and informing him of the outcome of each, he has been less defiant. He is making better decisions of right and wrong. It's a long road ahead of us and he is far from perfecting this skill. But kids respond better when they feel understood. So do adults. I have been working on my empathic listening skills recently. I feel like this will make me a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, etc.

Respect is learned. Like many other habits. If your kids see you talking bad about a waitress who has been servicing your table slowly, forgetful or even rude. You should try to be nice and relating to the waitress in front of your kids. Your kids will see that you sympathize with someone who is having a bad day and in turn will know they can trust and talk to you when they are having one.

Seems simple right? Stay positive about your life and find the good in everything.

Friday, August 17, 2012

All Babies Grow Up

My baby girl  Raelynn Ada will be 1 years old in a few weeks. Her body and spirit have grown so much over the past year. Wayne and Raelynn have already formed a bond, friendship that will last a lifetime. They make each other laugh, they make each other mad and yet still go to bed with the same loving smile towards one another. It warms my heart. My goals for her ,as with Wayne, are to raise them in healthy nurturing environment. Matthew and I, hand in hand, as we lead them to having the most fulfilling lives they possibly can. First teaching them independence and then interdependance. Because without being independent,  you can never be interdependent. Right? 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Kids My World

These two are such a gift. I am so very appreciative of their love and their smiles.

Not every friend is on FB

While It's easy to think of the obvious, your pets, it's even better to think of the people who are not on social networking sites. Two people I love dearly are not on FB. Matthew and Brother Ben. These two, and many like them, I admire. Social networking is great for my business (at least this is what I tell myself). I'm thinking I could go out and make genuine business partnerships out in town to build up my business too. But to what extent would it be awkward for the other person who will wonder why I didn't email them or FB them first.

Anyways, I admire people who stay away from social networking. You really find out who your friends are when you aren't so connected. I have managed to stay in touch with brother Ben after going at least a year or more with no communication with him. Now we talk more frequently and as often as possible considering he's in Canada.
He is, besides Matthew, one of the coolest, most brilliant minds I know. I think about what people post and not really caring about who I meet once just had a baby. (Unless of course you live close and want to hire me for my photographic services!) but the odds of me seeing that kind of news feed would be slim considering I have 90% of people's feeds blocked.

The point of this post? Call your friends. Ones on FB and especially ones that are not. Chances are, they have cooler stuff going on in their lives because they aren't constantly browsing social feeds.

Saying goodnight to the sun

We were driving home and decided to stop and watch the sunset. I love that Matthew enjoys the simple things in life. The things that don't cost any money and wind up strengthening your soul much more than anything that does cost money. I hope our kids grow up appreciative of the world around them and never take this short life on earth for granted.

Happy Blogging.... Again

I found that Wayne is a grown man trapped inside a toddlers body. And a full blown geek. Doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He walks around stores with a crane he made and placed around his head, dinosaur face mask and a single sided binoculars (which he calls his nockers).

He carries his play cell phone in his front pocket- like his pawpaw circa 1998! He sits with his legs crossed at the calves with his arms behind his head.

What a guy! What an old spirit! We'll have philosophical conversations soon.