Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Respect- find out what it means to me

This makes me a little sad. I see so many parents get so angry with their kids and take their anger to a level that is unacceptable. I know I have a short fuse every now and again. But beating a child is unacceptable. They might need a brisk pop on the butt or hand occasionally but never an 'ass beating'. I am proud to say that since making the choice to have Wayne choose his own actions and informing him of the outcome of each, he has been less defiant. He is making better decisions of right and wrong. It's a long road ahead of us and he is far from perfecting this skill. But kids respond better when they feel understood. So do adults. I have been working on my empathic listening skills recently. I feel like this will make me a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, etc.

Respect is learned. Like many other habits. If your kids see you talking bad about a waitress who has been servicing your table slowly, forgetful or even rude. You should try to be nice and relating to the waitress in front of your kids. Your kids will see that you sympathize with someone who is having a bad day and in turn will know they can trust and talk to you when they are having one.

Seems simple right? Stay positive about your life and find the good in everything.


  1. Very Well written and we can all learn from those words, including your father. I never beat you Girls and rarely spanked, but if yelling, screaming and putting you on restriction for the rest of your life could kill, you 3 would either be dead or still in your rooms. lol I don't think I was that bad really, but I know that I felt it always had to be mine or your mothers way. Even as you grew older into young teenagers, I failed to forget you girls had ideas, thoughts and opinions. I regret not having listened to you girls more. I can't change the past but can do my best to be better in the future. They say it is never to late, but they also say you can't teach and old dog new tricks. So only time will tell.

    I Love you all

    1. There is a difference in a spanking and a beating. Harold and I got plenty of spankings but our parents never beat us. I believe in a good spanking for young children because it teachs them there are consequences for their actions but I do NOT believe in leaving marks on children. Once a child is of a certain age where they can understand the difference in right and wrong and can reason then spankings should stop and other means of punishment should be enforced. It sounds like Becky has a very level and responsible head on her shoulders and is going to be a first class parent. Probably much better than I was. Becky I am very proud of you and love you very much. I wish I could be around you and your family. I would love to get to know them.