Monday, April 29, 2013

I can't believe it's been one year!!!

We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the night that changed my life! And today we ran into the detective who was on Matthew's case. He said the DA's office wanted to arrest him but several of the guys (including the detective) fought for him. Said Matthew would win, so why ruin his career. They never filed charges.

I had never so vulnerably spoke with God, than I did that night. For what felt like the first time in years, he answered me. (Even though now I realize he was always there for me!!) Not in thought, not in words, but in His actions. My life will never be the same. As much as the shooting was a curse, it was a  blessing.

I have forgiven the man who shot at my husband and hope he is living a much purer life- apart from the life of hate and evil. I hope God wasn't just there for Matthew and I that night, but was there with all parties directly and indirectly involved.

This picture was taken 10 minutes before the shooting. I am blessed it wasn't my last memory of my husband. I am thankful God's wish was for him to stay so that he can continue to inspire and be a blessing to those around him. And most importantly, he can be that light for our precious children. May they grow to know love for humanity like their father.

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  1. Matthew has such a love for his fellow mankind. God was definitely watching out for everyone that night and praise God no one was killed. Hopefully, everyone was brought closer to God and his infinite Love and Wisdom.