Monday, December 2, 2013

Being Called

At church they have been talking a lot about obeying God. Listening to him. Going when he says go. Moving when he says Move. Doing when he says do. 

Well, I woke up feeling of how many times have we heard God and not done anything? Then I started to think about when people say, "why do bad things happen to good people?" God is a mighty God and he moves through us. He calls each of us to fulfill his plan. What happens when God calls us to visit or minister to a neighbor (for example) and we don't do it? What if that neighbor has a drinking problem, has never heard the word, winds up driving drunk one night and killing someone who was one of the said, "good people." It's easy to think we are good people living in our little bubbles of goodness- unwilling to step out of our comfort zones. How much of what we don't do that God asks of us, causes "bad things to happen to good people" because we were not obedient? 

Makes you rethink ignoring the call.